Your Bed is Your Vessel for Life

There is no place you will spend more time than your bed. That means your bed should be one of the first things you consider when designing your optimal life.


Not only is your bed the place you will spend 1/3 of your life, but, after food and water, it is also the vehicle for the next most important thing for your survival and performance; SLEEP. The quantity and quality of your sleep affects everything you do. From how much energy you have to how well your brain functions to how well your body repairs itself.


But we don’t spend nearly as much time or money as we should on beds if we rank our purchases in terms of how much we’ll use them and the effect they have on our lives.  People generally view buying a mattress like buying a tire. They spend the minimum amount of time trying to buy the cheapest one that gets the job done.


Since sleep is a NECESSITY for the human body and even more important for top performance, this is NOT the way to view buying a mattress. When furnishing your life, your mattress should be the FIRST thing you buy after which all of the other stuff should be bought. You don’t NEED a big TV. You NEED sleep.


Yes, a $2,000 bed is a lot of money. But if you divide that by the number of times you are going to use it, it comes out to just $0.06 per hour (assuming you keep it for 10 years.) You cannot find anything that has a lower cost per use and more impact on your overall well being.


Block out at least two or three hours, go to a mattress store, and try every mattress until you find the perfect fit for you. You can spend two hours to choose something in which you will spend 29,200. Also, mattress prices ARE NEGOTIABLE. Mattress mark ups can be 50%+. Google articles on how to negotiate your mattress price. They will take you through the process step by step.


If you want to be extraordinary you have to think differently. Don’t treat a mattress like your other home furnishings.  Invest in yourself and structure your budget around the single most important piece of furniture you will own. You will receive much more in happiness, mental well being, and productivity than you spend in dollars.