"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

- Albert Einstein

What good is Wealth and Happiness if you don't have the Health to enjoy them?  


The Highest Level Health Program is designed to maximize strength, endurance, and flexibility in a balanced way that results in an optimal level of fitness with the least amount of training.  It takes Members through a constantly evolving program split into three phases:


Phase 1.  Circuit Training.  This phase is filled with intense workouts approximately 30 minutes in length, no two of which are the same.  The workouts are designed to challenge your entire system by taking you through intense circuits containing exercises that involve multiple muscle groups allowing little to no rest in between each exercise.  It will develop your cardiovascular system, increase your muscular strength and endurance, and improve your coordination by challenging different parts of your body to work together in different ways every day.  Interspersed between the circuit workouts in this phase is a cardiovascular program designed around the concept of extracting the maximum benefit from exercise in the least amount of time by training at high levels of intensity for various intervals (i.e., high intensity interval training).  You will be challenged to progressively increase the length and frequency at which you can operate at maximum levels of effort to force your aerobic capacity to improve.   


Phase 2. Isolation Training.  This phase shifts from taxing the entire system to training specific muscles and muscle groups.  Resembling more traditional weightlifting, the workouts in this phase are filled with exercises that intensely train individual muscles with set and repetition structures resulting in a much deeper level of muscular exhaustion in each workout.  The workouts in this phase are generally less cardiovascularly taxing than those in the Circuit Training phase to allow the focus needed to train all parts of each muscle or muscle group more thoroughly.  The cardiovascular workouts in this phase are a blend of sprints on an incline carried out in high intensity intervals and sports to engage the balance and non-linear systems that don't receive as much attention when achieving muscular strength and tone through focused training.     


Phase 3.  Power.  The Power phase is designed to combine the systemic gains made in Phase 1 with the isolated development achieved in Phase 2.  The workouts in this phase are filled with Olympic style lifts performed at heavier weights with less repetition.  They call on the body to use the coordination and strength gained in the first two phases to execute a small number of specific lifts that engage almost every muscle in the body.  It requires a high amount of mental focus and physical effort to produce a maximum amount of concentrated power.   The cardiovascular workouts in this phase vary between speed work, trail/hill running, and endurance training. 


Rest Week. In between each of the three phases is a week-long period of rest. During these periods there are no workouts because the body is repairing itself at a deeper level than what is possible during each workout phase.  Additionally, this week provides the mind and your willpower a break from training at high levels of intensity, which helps avoid burnout.  


Transition Week.  After each Rest Week there is a Transition Week.  This week features shorter workouts of low to medium intensity designed to get the body moving after a week of rest.  These workouts increase the blood flow in the body without overly taxing any of its systems and dedicate more time to stretching and foam rolling.  This prepares the body and mind to begin the next phase with maximum effort, ability, and enthusiasm.


Diet.  The Highest Level Health Program provides its Members with a Calorie Calculator that tells them how many calories they should eat, sample diets, and the 10 Commandments.  These are 10 guidelines that will result in a healthy, balanced diet without dictating the exact food for each meal.  


Stretching / Foam Rolling.  Preparing for and recovering from a difficult workout is just as important as the workout itself.  The Highest Level Health Program values flexibility and mobility as much as it does strength and endurance.  That's why every workout includes a quick warm up routine to avoid injury and a foam rolling and stretching cool down routine to  promote flexibility and recovery.


Schedule.  While constantly evolving, each phase lasts 6-7 weeks, contains six workouts per week, and is carefully designed and tested to produce maximum benefit in the smallest amount of time. Each workout includes custom instructions and lasts less than an hour from start to finish.  All Members who subscribe to The Highest Level Health Program have access to the same workout posted every day.  The Highest Level Health Program is designed to keep all Members on the same workout schedule to encourage them to find one another for encouragement and create a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to achieving a higher level of fitness.


What Does The Highest Level Health Program Include?

  • A daily warm up routine
  • Daily workouts
  • A daily foam rolling routine
  • A daily strecthing routine 
  • Picture and video tutorials for every exercise
  • A calorie calculator to help determine how many calories you should eat 
  • Daily meal plans
  • Easy to follow diet guidelines


What Do I Need for The Highest Level Health Program?

  1. Internet Access
  2. Access to a gym with basic weight lifting equipment, a treadmill, and a Stairmaster, a foam roll, and a jump rope (a stop watch is optional). 
  3. One hour per day, six days per week


To learn more about membership to The Highest Level check out the Wealth Plan and Happiness Process.  You can also visit the What Is It? page and also find out Is It Right For You?


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