The Two Curves of Life

Two curves that apply to a lot in life are the Diminishing Returns curve and the Exponential Returns curve.  Knowing where these curves occur in your life will have a great effect on your progress and the results you get.


At some point in a relationship, our finances, or health, etc. we feel like we are putting in more work than the results we are getting.  The question then becomes “Do I keep trying or spend my time doing something else?”


One way to answer this question is by figuring out which of these two curves you are on.


If you are the Demising Returns curve, you are going to get less result for each bit of effort you spend.  So, to use your time wisely, you should redirect that attention to something in your life that has the Exponential Curve because once you are on this curve, you will get more results than the effort you give.


It is just as important to know if you are on the Exponential Curve because you don’t want to quit right before your hard work starts to pay off.  What can seem like slow progress in the early part of the curve is actually the work that will pay you dividends later on.  This is how saving and investing works.  The real progress doesn’t happen until you’ve given your money enough time to grow.  Watch your results because they should start to come more easily and in much larger quantities.


If you are on an Exponential Curve, stay on it and maybe give it some energy from a different part of your life where you are experiencing diminishing returns.


If you want to get a part of your life that is stagnating on the Exponential Curve change things up! Plan a spontaneous night out with your significant other. Change up your workouts.  Do something that jump starts your progress to a new level and keep at it until it’s time to try something new.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein