Presence is important in life.


Being present in the moment fosters contentment, which leads to a happy life.


Memories fade.  Things change. Money and people come and go.  But we can carry with us a calm center of contentment as we journey through life.


The brain is engineered to never stop thinking.  It is a problem solving machine that has evolved over thousands of years with one purpose: survival.  We have solved this problem in modern society.  However, we can’t turn off thousands of years of evolution.  Mark Twain one said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” If we don’t train our brains to be present, be grateful, and enjoy life as it comes to us, we will propel ourselves through life failing to appreciate the things we have and worrying about events that might never happen.


Be present wherever you are.  Appreciate the clouds in the sky, the air in your lungs, or the challenge of a task in front of you.  Carry that presence with you every day and when you come to the end of your time you will know you lived your life in the many moments you ha