How to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Muscles generally take 48 to 72 hours to recover from a good workout.  However, you can speed up that recovery by helping your body flush the lactic acid out of your muscles and get new blood and nutrients in.


The best way to help flush out the muscles is a massage; deep tissue being the best kind for muscular recovery.  Massages help work out knots, adhesions, and micro-tears in muscles that foam rolling can’t fix.  Make sure you properly hydrate both before and after your massage to get the maximum benefit.


The second way is foam rolling.  The Highest Level workouts all include a foam rolling routine to help work out the kinks in your muscles after you exercise.


The third way is a form of hot/cold therapy.  Athletes often alternate plunging their bodies into very warm and very cold water to promote circulation.  When the body is cold, it diverts more blood to its core to keep the vital organs warm.  When it warms back up, it brings more blood to the surface to cool down.  This process when repeated creates a “flushing” effect through your muscles.  If you don’t have access to an ice pool and hot tub you can do this by turning your shower to its coldest temperature for thirty seconds and then turning it to a very warm temperature (but not the hottest temperature so you don’t scald yourself) for thirty seconds.  Repeat this cycle for three minutes.  End the cycle with thirty seconds of cold if you want to feel more energized when you get out of the shower.


Also, drink lots of water.  Water helps your body circulate the nutrients needed for your muscles to repair themselves.  Dried out muscles take longer to recuperate.


Last, the best way to get nutrients into your muscles is to eat a protein rich meal within 20-30 minutes of working out.  Studies have shown that muscles absorb the most nutrients in the 30 minutes after a workout so give your body the building blocks it needs to repair it self as soon as possible after exercising.