How to Sleep 7+ Hours a Night

Sleep is when our bodies heal and our minds process.  Without enough sleep we can never live at the highest level.


The first (and best) way to get 7+ hours of sleep is to standardize when you go to sleep and wake up.  Our bodies love rhythms and cycles.  If we teach our bodies when they are supposed to go to sleep and wake up, they will start to do both automatically.  This might mean being tired the day after the occasional night when you don’t sleep well.  Keeping the cycle is more important in the long term than sleeping in a few hours.


The next tip is to exercise.  If the body and mind are tired at the end of the day, you will sleep better.  Performing The Highest Level workouts everyday will help standardize your routine and tire you out so you get a good night’s rest.


Next, start powering down an hour before you go to bed.  This means don’t eat, exercise, or engage in any strenuous or exciting activity for at least one hour before you go to sleep.  The process of going to sleep is like slowly dimming a light bulb, not switching it off.


Next, make sure you have the right mattress.  A good mattress can be expensive.  However, you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so it’s a wise place to spend your money.  Go to a mattress store and spend an hour laying on all the different kinds of beds to find what type of mattress is most comfortable for you.  Having the right mattress might also address some minor aches and pains you are experiencing.  Remember that the price of mattresses are generally very negotiable so do your homework and get the best deal that you can.


Next, do not sleep with your phone or computer by your bed.  If you can it’s best to turn them off completely.  Get an alarm clock to wake you up.  You can buy them today for $5.  Your mind will never truly be at ease if it subconsciously knows it can be interrupted at any time.


Next, get the room temperature between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  Studies have shown this is the optimal temperature range for a good night’s sleep.  The room should also be as dark as possible.


For aroma, try using lavender scent on your pillow.  There is evidence that the smell of lavender is calming and can help induce sleep.


Finally, keep a pad and pencil or pen by your bed for two reasons.  First, the best way to get a thought out of your head when you are trying to sleep is to write it down.  This helps your mind let it go and relieves any anxiety that you will forget it.  Second, some of our best thinking can happen at night when our brains have had a chance to synthesize the contents of our day.  You may come up with some of your best ideas or solutions when trying to sleep so write them down.