Health Will Bring you Wealth

Having great health will help you amass great wealth by improving you discipline, focus, and energy.


To achieve great physical health you need discipline.  It takes discipline to eat the right amount of food and exercise 5-6 days a week.  This discipline is no different than the discipline needed to amass great wealth.  It takes discipline to save money, create and stick to a budget, pay down debt, and invest for your future.  Discipline is a transferable skill that can be practiced and improved.  So becoming a healthier person will help you become a wealthier person.


Another way being healthy will also help you become wealthy is focus. Wealth isn’t just about saving money. It’s also about focus. When asked what was the single most important factor in their success, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both answered “Focus.” When you exercise diligently you are required to focus. Whether it’s counting repetitions, putting maximum effort into a lift, or pushing yourself over a certain number of miles, becoming a healthy person requires focus. Focus, like discipline, is a transferable skill. The more you develop it in one area the more you will be able to use it in another. People with focus are more effective. People that are more effective get results. People who get results get promoted, get raises, etc. By becoming a healthier person you will build your focus which, in turn, will help you become a wealthier person by advancing your professional life.


Last but not least, becoming a healthier person will increase your wealth because it will give you energy. We are all given the same number of minutes in a day. What we do with that time dictates our success. The energy you put into your health will give you more energy as you become more fit.  The more energy you have, the more you will get done.  The more you get done the more successful you will be.  if you combine this energy with focus and discipline, you will not only be a busy person, but you will become effective, and effective people are true masters of their destinies.  So invest in yourself and put your time and money to work for you.