Change is the constant state of the universe.


At all times everything is either growing or shrinking, coming together or falling apart, being created or vanishing from existence. People are no different. Even though it might seem like life is the same from day to day, at some level you are either getting stronger or weaker; better or worse.  There is no state of stasis; only change too small to perceive.


Every day requires a decision; whether, as a person, you are going to improve or get worse.


Humans are unique because we are “antifragile” to use a word from Nassim Taleb (a brilliant author). We actually become stronger, smarter, etc. from the stress to which we expose ourselves when we do the work to improve.


Make the decision each day to end the day a little bit better than you were when you started by doing the work to be healthy, wealthy, and happy. The small gains you make each day will compound over time to create results exponentially greater than the effort you expend.