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If you are looking for a healthy, natural, and socially responsible meal replacement check out Huel (


It’s a powder derived solely from plants that contains all the macro and micro nutrients the human body needs. Humans + fuel = Huel.


A lot of land and resources go into producing meat and dairy and whey, which is generally used for protein in most supplements, comes from milk. Using a plant based product avoids that burden on the environment. It tastes a bit like sweet oatmeal and is best mixed with cold water.


If you are looking to control calories using a meal replacement helps avoid situations where hidden sauces and ingredients mess up your energy balance. It’s also a good way to avoid your diet suffering if you’re pressed for time.


Your main diet should still be whole foods with varying sources of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals but Huel is a good tool to have in your fitness bag.

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Progression vs. Perfection

Focus on progression in life, not perfection.


Perfection is an unobtainable goal. Everyone can achieve progression. Life is about the journey, not the destination. If you focus on a point that is always just out of reach you will have created a perpetual state of failure for yourself. But if you focus on progression you will live in state of success.


Goals are important because they create the movement and purpose necessary for a happy and healthy life. But be sure to reward yourself by celebrating the small wins as they occur because this positive self reinforcement will turn into consistency and consistency is the true driver of lasting success.

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Challenge is Part of Happiness

When we avoid the difficult we deprive ourselves of a basic need; the need to evolve.


The human mind and body thrive from challenge and love to adapt. This has contributed to the dominance of our species on earth. Too much easy breeds weakness and self-contempt, an insecurity that comes from the conscious or unconscious knowledge that we are not living up to our potential.


Don’t look for the easy path in life for at its end is not the contentment you seek. Instead of avoiding challenges, make them your goal. If life isn’t presenting you with one, go find one. If you can’t find one, create one. Forge your own path in life rather than being led down the path of least resistance. Satisfy your innate drive to improve and you will be much happpier with life and the person you will become.

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Presence is important in life.


Being present in the moment fosters contentment, which leads to a happy life.


Memories fade.  Things change. Money and people come and go.  But we can carry with us a calm center of contentment as we journey through life.


The brain is engineered to never stop thinking.  It is a problem solving machine that has evolved over thousands of years with one purpose: survival.  We have solved this problem in modern society.  However, we can’t turn off thousands of years of evolution.  Mark Twain one said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” If we don’t train our brains to be present, be grateful, and enjoy life as it comes to us, we will propel ourselves through life failing to appreciate the things we have and worrying about events that might never happen.


Be present wherever you are.  Appreciate the clouds in the sky, the air in your lungs, or the challenge of a task in front of you.  Carry that presence with you every day and when you come to the end of your time you will know you lived your life in the many moments you ha

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The Two Most Powerful Words

The two most powerful words in your life are “Yes” and “No”.


When and how you use these words will determine your path in life and whether you become the person you want to be.  Every day you are continually asked how you want to spend your most valuable resource (which is time) by what you say “yes” to and what you say ‘no” to.  Whether it’s saying “No” to eating more calories than you need or saying “yes” to your future self by saving for retirement or saying “no” to a toxic relationship, how you make these decisions dictates how you spend your day, who you interact with, what you learn, and what you accomplish in life.


So, when you have choices each day take a moment to think about what you are choosing. Don’t just say “yes” to things because they are easy or everyone else does it.  Say “yes” to the things that increase your health, wealth, and happiness.  Don’t know what these are? You now have the choice to say “Yes” or “No” to finding out.  Say “Yes!”

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Change is the constant state of the universe.


At all times everything is either growing or shrinking, coming together or falling apart, being created or vanishing from existence. People are no different. Even though it might seem like life is the same from day to day, at some level you are either getting stronger or weaker; better or worse.  There is no state of stasis; only change too small to perceive.


Every day requires a decision; whether, as a person, you are going to improve or get worse.


Humans are unique because we are “antifragile” to use a word from Nassim Taleb (a brilliant author). We actually become stronger, smarter, etc. from the stress to which we expose ourselves when we do the work to improve.


Make the decision each day to end the day a little bit better than you were when you started by doing the work to be healthy, wealthy, and happy. The small gains you make each day will compound over time to create results exponentially greater than the effort you expend.

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The Power of Systems

The results we get in life are a product of the systems we put in place.


We are creatures of habit.  Whether you know it or not, you are living your life through a number of systems you have consciously put in place or subconsciously allowed to form.  From how you wake up to how you approach challenges to how you brush your teeth, a few conscious decisions are made each day on top of large base of routines and habits that run on autopilot unless changed.  The quality of these systems largely determines the quality and outcome of our lives.


To lead a proactive life of our own design we need to think about these systems, evaluate them, and change them to get the results we want.  If you don’t spend this energy to create the machine through which you experience life, two things will happen: 1) life will impose its systems on you and 2) at the end of your life you will be in a random situation dictated by the all the random directions life has pulled you.


One of the top regrets of the dying is not living their own life.  Lack of information is no longer a problem.  With the dawn of the Information Age came a time where the extent of our reach exceeds our grasp when it comes to knowledge.  This complicates life because the amount of information we have is too great to comprehend.  The challenge now is taking that information and distilling it into meaningful chunks that we can connect, understand, and use to improve our lives.  This is why systems have never been more important than they are today.  The systems you choose will dictate the information you receive, which will determine your path in life.


Ask yourself where in your life have you created systems and where you lack any sort of system at all.  Prioritize what is important to you, create a system to help you achieve it, and execute it.