Be Engaged

Don’t strive to be entertained in life, strive to be engaged.

Being engaged and being entertained might sound like similar concepts but they are very different.

Being entertained is how very young children experience the world. They are constantly in a state of being pleased or dissatisfied with different stimulus. This produces a roller coaster of emotion filled with elated highs and temper tantrum lows.  Being entertained doesn’t require any work or investment. You get to sit back and let something satisfy your desires.  Once you’re bored you move onto the next stimulus and so and so forth.

Being engaged requires an investment of your time and attention. It requires you to have a mental curiosity and exert an effort to remain focused. It is a reciprocal relationship where you receive but only in relation to how much you give.

Strive to be engaged by life not entertained by it. If you measure your happiness or worth by how much life entertains you, you will forever be on the toddler roller coaster of emotion.  A hedonistic hamster wheel where you go nowhere fast.  You will be missing the real value of life; the journey.  

Anything that is worth something requires us to give a piece of ourselves. Through investing ourselves in things that help us grow we find peace, contentment, and purpose.  That’s why you should strive for an engaged life, not an entertained one.

Find people that push you to become better. Find programs that push you to become more than what you are.

Being entertained will not make you happy because growth, progress, and meaning are some of the key drivers that lead to a life of peaceful contentment.  Entertainment is emptiness because once a desire is satisfied it’s gone, leaving a void until another takes its place without any change in your or your life.  However, engaging in a process, a person, a purpose, etc. will give you a constant focus and mechanism through which you can build meaning in your life, which is crucial to being happy.