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Your Bed is Your Vessel for Life

Posted By on Oct 17, 2018

There is no place you will spend more time than your bed. That means your bed should be one of the first things you consider when designing your optimal life.   Not only is your bed the place you will spend 1/3 of your life, but, after food and water, it is also the vehicle for the next most important thing for your survival and performance; SLEEP. The quantity and quality of your sleep affects everything you do. From how much...

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Choose Your Words Wisely

Posted By on Oct 4, 2018

The words you say have an effect on YOU.  You not only choose the words you say but you hear them as well.  When you hear what you say it reinforces that thought, whether it is positive or negative.  Try thinking something and then saying it out loud.  You’ll notice the thought becomes more concrete when it is voiced.  Try repeating nice things about yourself. You’ll notice you feel better.  Now try repeating negative things...

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