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The purpose of The Highest Level is to find, develop, and connect extraordinary people.  Through its three systems, it ensures its Members live at the highest level by being as happy, healthy, and wealthy as possible. If this sounds like you read on to learn more about our programs.

You can also read Testimonials from some of our Members or about how The Highest Level came to be by clicking here.

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What good is wealth or happiness without the health to enjoy them?  We need to take care of our bodies so we can live the longest, fullest life possible.  Physical health is also an important part of mental health and happiness.  The Highest Level Health Program provides a comprehensive and sustainable approach to fitness incorporating best practices from yoga, bodybuilding, high intensity interval training, functional fitness, speed training, endurance running, nutrition, and power lifting.  It helps Members achieve an equilibrium of strength, endurance, and flexibility while preventing injury and avoiding mental fatigue so they can live a long and happy life.


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A certain level of wealth is necessary for the things we need to be healthy and happy. Good food, shelter, and medical care are vital to leading a healthy and happy life.  Also, the stress caused by worrying about money is one of the leading detractors from happiness in the modern world.  The Highest Level Wealth Plan is a simple, six step process that shows Members how to create a system that requires a minimal amount of maintenance while addressing all the major areas of a sound financial plan.  More importantly, it provides Members with both the time and means to pursue the highest levels of health and happiness.


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What good is health and wealth without happiness?  Happiness adds meaning to everything we do and enables us to enjoy our health and wealth.  The Highest Level Happiness Process was created from the study of psychology, philosophy, and relationships to provide Members with concrete habits that result in a permanent improvement to their well-being.


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Why become a Member of The Highest Level?

There are plenty of services that help you get fit, save money, and be happy.  But none of them show you how to accomplish all three   The Highest Level is a cohesive system that helps you maximize the most important parts of life while providing the support needed to make those changes last.  If you have the will to lead a healthy, wealthy, and happy life but are looking for the way, The Highest Level is for you.  


 What Does Membership Look Like?

Members have access to a program that integrates all three systems of The Highest Level and a number of unique features designed to help Members realize their potential.  They include:

  • The Forum.  A place where Members of  The Highest Level gather to share wisdom, problems, solutions, support, and information.
  •  The Highest Level Personal Action Form.  This piece of paper is the anchor around which the systems of The Highest Level revolve, turning best practices into habits.
  • A weekly motivational email with information, tips, and ideas.
  • A directory of other Members of The Highest Level.
  • A personalized Member profile so Members can keep track of their progress (privately or publicly) and (if they wish) post information about themselves so other Members know how to assist them on their journey.

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How Do I Become A Member?

If you'd like to become a Member, click here, fill out The Highest Level questionnaire, and we will contact you before our next admission window to determine if The Highest Level is right for you.  We accept a limited number of new Members on July 1st and January 1st of each year.  You can also send an email to with your contact information.  


How Much Does Membership Cost?

Membership to The Highest Level costs $29.99 / month with a 30 day free trial.  



What has the Highest Level Meant to Me?


It was February of 2014.  I was going through a very tough breakup and my grandfather, my hero, had just died.  I was at the lowest point of my life.  I called my friend Jeff, who gave me a couple of pieces of advice.  The first of which was to do something tangible.  Build something.  Accomplish something.  So I bought a dining room table and put it together.  He also told me to get to the gym. “Physical well-being leads to mental well-being,” he said.  More than two years before it began, this was my indoctrination into the Highest Level.


The next day, with a printed-out Excel spreadsheet in hand, I did the craziest damn workout of my life, to that point.  That was the first time I did widow makers.  It was also nearly the last time I did widow makers.  But with about 20 different workouts, and hitting the gym every day, I got into the best shape of my life.  My physical happiness kickstarted my mental happiness.  These are two of the three pillars of the Highest Level.


Fast forward a few years, and we now have this community of Super Awesomes.  We are all on different parts of the same journey, trying to be our best selves.  It’s a journey that will never end, and I’m accountable to both myself and all of you throughout my journey.  That’s one of the things I love about this program.  Maybe that’s not the way it was supposed to work, but it’s a nice side-effect for me.  When I don’t work out, I feel like I’ve not only let myself down, I’ve let the group down.  That pushes me.  From afar, you all are helping me become my best self. 


So it’s been a few years.  I was part of Highest Level version 1.0.  I look forward to being part of Highest Level version 20.0.  From one of the lowest points of my life to the happiest and healthiest point of my life.  The journey continues.  And I’m glad to have you as a my fellow travelers. 

- Max -

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I’ve was an athlete growing up and for years before The Highest Level I had been training in extreme self defense kick boxing. Yet I still could not do a pull up. I was in great shape, but nothing has challenged me more than this fitness program. It taught me to trust my body and push beyond my mental limits. At times I read what I was supposed to do and thought no way... then I did it. I’ve now completed a full round and use that as my benchmark for not only my second round, but for life in general. The Highest Level truly pushes you to be the best you and I will never turn back. Life is a blessing and a challenge. Jeff has created the blueprint to excellence. Do it! Sign up to live your Highest Level because anything else isn't worth it!

- Crissandra -

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Consistency breeds results. It’s all about rhythm. Participating in The Highest Level keeps me accountable and motivates me to stay in charge of my time in all aspects of my life, most notably at work where I am in a competitive sales environment. I take advantage of all three systems of the program to help keep me going healthy, wealthy and happy. Jeff has created something here that can take you from a zero to a ten, you just gotta be willing to put in the work. I can’t recommend this enough!


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I've been lifting weights since I was 13 years old but I've never been in this good of shape. Jeff doesn't just give you a workout he gives you motivation to do his workout! For me, the motivation comes from knowing that this is more than just a workout program. This is a community of high achievers trying to get that extra edge, both physically and mentally. I like being a part of that. It also probably helps that I usually can't walk the day after my leg workouts.

- Micah - 

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The Highest Level has really helped bring more structure to my non-career related life goals. It's a great community of highly-motivated individuals who like to push & be pushed - definitely not for everyone, but if this sounds like you, it's worth a shot. The Health module has been particularly effective - I'm 4 full months in and this is the longest I've ever been able to stick to a workout/diet plan and not get bored or burn out. Results have been awesome - and I'm just getting started.

- Travis -

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I signed up for The Highest Level in the Summer of 2018 looking to make a change, and not really knowing if just signing up was going to be enough to do anything for me. I figured I'd give it a shot though just based on how I had seen Jeff run his own life while I had lived in California a few years ago. Once the program started, I got into the diet aspect pretty well, the workout part eluded me a little (primarily because it was hunting season in Northern NY, which is basically a two month holiday.) The biggest change I saw in my life came from following the financial guidance that The Highest Level provided. I had a pretty shitty history with student loans that was ruining my credit history, and had actually prevented me from getting a couple government jobs that required extensive background checks. 
During the summer of 2018 I missed out on a job in the Forensics field because of my poor student loan/credit history. The same day I found out I didn't get the Forensics job was the day I got a phone call letting me know one of my Civil Service test scores had allowed me the opportunity to try out to be an Environmental Conservation Officer.
Growing up in the mountains and the outdoors up here in Northern New York, this was basically a dream job. I would get to work for the land that I had spent so much time hunting, fishing, and hiking on growing up.
My biggest fear going into the hiring process was my financial history, which had interfered with two previous job applications. Using the system laid out by The Highest Level, I was able to step-by-step get my student loans back under my control, increase my credit score, and finance a car (even at a rate that would be considered reasonable.)
More importantly, when I got an interview (after 65 pages of an application, extensive background investigation, and bunch of calls to references, literally 53 references) I was able to show my financial progress to my interview panel. While I still was not perfect in my financial and credit history, I was able to show my progress over the last year, and what my plan was to continue my newfound financial responsibility. I was able to show that while I may not have been a grown-up in my early-twenties, I was for sure a a grown-up now with a plan to get my financial life in order. 
After a ton of undue stress and waiting, I am happy to report that the effort I put into the financial aspect of The Highest Level paid off (no pun intended).
Yesterday I was offered a job for the position of Environmental Conservation Officer I had been aiming for. I had one of the higher civil service scores for this position, so I now just have to wait for them to process us in a couple months. What I can say though is that if I had started down this path earlier, I may have gotten a job before this point. 
I can say for sure that following the financial steps of The Highest Level not only helps you professionally, but personally, its a huge stress lifted when your financial affairs are in order. Anyone in financial trouble who says they don't lose sleep over it is a liar. I'm one of the more easier going people you'll meet, and the fact that my student loans weren't in order and was preventing me from getting a job was eating me up. It was definitely affecting other parts of my life, either through stress, sleep, or financial restrictions.
Now that my career path is set a little more firmly established, I'll adhere to the workout portion of The Highest Level a little more carefully, just to make sure I can chase down those deer poachers when the time comes.
- Jared-

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